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Alleen V. Coleman has 100% ownership of Point of Excellence Beauty Academy, LLC. She has been a hair stylist for over 44 years. She graduated from Calvinade Beauty Academy with the title of Student of the Year. Her love for the industry has continued to increase. She has been a successful salon owner for more than 40 years. Alleen has always recognized the importance of professionalism in the field, ensuring that each and every client receives top quality service. She realized early in her career her gift as a motivator. She used that gift to mentor many cosmetology students matriculating at local high schools in Baltimore County as well as recent cosmetology graduates. As a result of Alleen's guidance, a number of graduates have gone on to become very successful beauty salon owners. Because of her professionalism and commitment to clientele, Alleen has a long list of clients who have been with her for almost as long as she has been in the industry. She has continued her education by attending advanced classes in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and Cleveland. Her studies in London, England inspired her love for hair coloring. Alleen's dedication to the industry continues with the opening of Point of Excellence Beauty Academy, an environment which will focus on academics related to healthy hair care, the science and art of hair care, stressing professionalism required in the industry to maintain a satisfied client base. Achieving educational success should be the ultimate goal for every student. Staff will stress the importance of becoming an outstanding beauty culture professional as well as a lifelong learner of each phase of this ever-evolving industry. We will also stress the importance of embracing all opportunities available for success in the industry. By doing this our students will develop and maintain a competitive edge.

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