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   The mission of Point of Excellence Beauty Academy is to provide a creative, educational environment that will develop a pragmatic and professional graduate with competency in the field of cosmetology. 

The Academy will focus on academics, and personal development, as well as professionalism, intergrity and honesty.

Achieving educational sucess is the ultimate goal for the prospective student. The Academy will stress to each student, the importance of becoming a lifelong learner. 

Point of Excellence strives continously to improve its operations to keep abreast with the ever changing developments and new techinques in Cosmetology.

The Academy's atmosphere will be warm, encouraging, and supportive. Point of Excellence Beauty Academy staff desires to create in students, a willingness to become a beauty professional who will embrace every opportunity that is presented to them to become successful in the cosmetology industry.

Point of Excellence Beauty Academy is seeking creative people who are unemployed, underemployed or seeking to change careers, and improve their position in life.

Embrace the journey, and open your mind to the excitement of what you are about to explore!

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